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Gifted Prints

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Gifted Prints specializes in custom made birthday chalkboards, pregnancy and birth announcements, invitations, thank you cards, personalized gifts and other printables. 

I founded Gifted Prints shortly after I began planning my son's first birthday. While searching the internet marketplace, I was unable to find high quality work that also felt unique and personal. In between changing diapers and cleaning pureed peas off of the walls, I began creating invitations, birthday banners, and a birthday chalkboard for my son's party. I began making chalkboards for the other babies in my life and eventually for moms that I met through social media. What began as a hobby quickly took on a life of its own. Word spread, so with the support of my amazing husband, I launched GiftedPrints.com as a way to reach others like me, who just want something special and unique. My promise to my customers is that every product that comes from Gifted Prints will feel like something you would have created for yourself, if your kids would just take a nap.

--Lisa, CEO and Founder of Gifted Prints